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Pay attention to the following points during the operation of the breaking hammer

2022-11-10 21:59:35

1) Stop the operation when the hose vibrates violently

Check whether the high pressure and low pressure hoses of the hammer vibrate excessively. If that is the case, it may be that there is a fault, you should immediately contact your local service office approved and designated by us to obtain maintenance services. Further check whether there is oil leakage at the hose joint. If there is oil leakage, retighten the joint. As shown in the figure, during the operation, the steel drill rod should be visually inspected to see if there is any allowance. If there is no allowance, it must be stuck in the lower body. The lower body should be removed to see if the component should be repaired or replaced.

2) Stop operation (avoid excessive air strike)

Once the stone is broken, stop hammering immediately. If the air blow continues, the bolts will become loose or broken, and even the excavators and loaders will be adversely affected. When the breaking hammer has improper puncture force or the steel drill is used as a crowbar, air strike will occur. (The sound will change when the breaking hammer blows in the air)

3) Crushing hammer cannot be used to move stones

It is not allowed to roll or push stones with steel chisel or support surface. At this time, the oil pressure comes from the excavator, loader boom and jib. During bucket, swing or sliding operation, the big and small arms will be damaged. At the same time, the bolts of the breaking hammer may be broken, the support may be damaged, and the steel drill rod may be broken or scratched. It should be avoided to use the breaking hammer to move stones. In particular, it is pointed out that the steel drill rod is inserted in the stone, and the excavation must not be allowed to walk.

4) Do not use the steel drill as a crowbar

If the steel drill is used as a crowbar when crushing stone, the bolt and steel drill may break

5) Keep fighting south for no more than one minute

When striking hard rocks, the same striking shall not last for more than one minute, and then another striking operation shall be carried out.

Long time striking operation will cause the oil temperature to rise, which will lead to the damage of the steel drill bushing and the progressive wear of the steel drill.

f) For long and hard large stones, they can be broken at the crack or tail end, which is relatively easy to break.

6) The breaking hammer shall be operated at the routine engine speed

When breaking the hammer, the engine speed shall meet the specified fixed value. Exceeding the engine speed required for operation will not increase the strike force, but will increase the oil temperature and cause equipment damage.

The breaking hammer does hard work every day. A little carelessness will cause serious damage to it. If the hammer can be used correctly, its life can be greatly extended.