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Radio proportional remote control is suitable for truck cranes, lifts, skid steer loaders, and other construction machinery. Radio remote control consists of a clutch motor, remote control handle, control receiver, rain cover, pull rod, and installation plate. Optional engine speed controller, engine start, and stop switch.

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The Radio proportional remote control controller is independently developed by Baicai Intelligent Technology and has independent intellectual property rights. The controllers all use imported chips and electronic components and are equipped with programs developed by Baicai Intelligent Technology. The control distance is 500 meters.

Category:Universal hydraulic valve proportional remote control
Working voltage:DC8-35V
Power:60 w
No-load current:≤2.0A
Load current:≤5.0A
Load speed:20±1r/min
Noise:≤55 db
Control mode:electromagnetic induction Angle sensor
Waterproof grade:1P6
Working environment temperature:-40°-- 70°
Maximum static torque of clutch:≥10N·M


Category:Remote control
Operating voltage:7.4V
Battery type:polymer lithium battery
Battery installation:Built-in
Remote control distance:≤500M
Remote control:potential Angle sensing

The Radio proportional remote control is non-destructively installed, does not need to change the structure of the console, does not need hydraulic valves, is fixed by bolts, and can work normally after power is on.

Baicai Radio proportional remote control can achieve remote operation without affecting manual control, Proportional precision remote control operation, no delay in feedback, and synchronous action, the same as manual control.

During the use process, the clutch works automatically. When there is no operation, the clutch automatically disengages and the power output is automatically disconnected. When the controller or remote controller is powered off, the clutch motor will automatically disconnect the power output, which has higher safety performance.