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Hydraulic plate compactor

Machine-driven soil compactors are simple to use, efficient, and quick to work. Quick-coupling systems and common adapter plates can both accommodate hydraulic compactors. *Safe and quiet: When used in trenches, a compactor attachment reduces noise and improves safety because it eliminates the need for someone to stand directly in the work area. *Positioning is simple. Even in challenging terrain, productivity can be increased.

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Product Details

Industry solutions:

Hydraulic Plate Compactor: Excavator model or tonnage is needed.
Suitable Excavatorton1-34-911-1617-2324-30
Power Of Impulseton36101515
Maximum Vibration Frequencyr/min18001800180018001800
Working Flowrpm25-4045-7585-105120-170120-170
Working Pressurebar100-130100-130100-130120-180120-180
Bottom MeasurementL*W, mm650*470825*550862*7001100*9001100*900