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• By concentrating all of your excavator's power in a small space can rip through rock,pavement, or frozen ground. • Get massive penetration and the ability to break up tough materials effortlessly. • Suitable for pin-on and coupler setups. • There are designs for heavy-duty that have more wear components. Are you considering buying one of our excavator rippers?

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Product Details

Industry solutions:

Technical data for ripper: Excavator model or tonnage is needed.
pin to pin distancemm265310390465520570customized
overall widthmm37542057066574082082016601800
overall heightmm39095011801260138014701520customized
pin diametermm40-5050-5560-7070-8080-9080-9090-110customized
dipper widthmm150-180180-220200-315300-350360-420360-420400-500customized
plate thicknessmm50556580909090120120
teeth modelnameFR50DH150DH200D85C4T5502-2PC700PC1000
suitable carrierTon4-65-99-1616-2323-3030-3940-4950-6465-90