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  • Hydraulic Breakers for 1-80ton Carrier(Box Type)
  • Hydraulic Breakers for 1-80ton Carrier(Box Type)
  • Hydraulic Breakers for 1-80ton Carrier(Box Type)

Hydraulic Breakers for 1-80ton Carrier(Box Type)


All types of high-quality Hydraulic Breakers can be manufactured, kindly please let us know your request. Pterosaur brand Soosan system hydraulic breaker could cover all brands 1-80ton carrier. It is the same with the Korean SOOSAN brand hydraulic hammer. Low noise level, suitable for quietness place and cities work; Full closed bracket protects the main body

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Industry solutions:

Tell us the brand and model of your excavator, we are very glad to help you select the right breaker.

Hydraulic Breakers Technical Data:
Model No.Operating WeightWorking FlowWorking PressureImpact RateHose DiameterTool DiameterExcavator Weight

Light Type Hydraulic Breakers
YLB45016015-3090-120600-1200 1/2450.8-3
YLB53018025-5090-120550-1000 1/2532.5-4.5
YLB68035040-70100-140500-800 1/2684-7
YLB75043550-90120-150450-800 3/4756-9
YLB100086080-120160-180350-700 3/410011-16
Medium Type Hydraulic Breakers
YLB15002300150-210210-230300-4501 1/415025-30
YLB15502850170-220220-240300-4501 1/415528-35
Heavy Type Hydraulic Breakers
YLB16503560200-260230-250250-4001 1/416530-40
YLB17503990210-260240-260250-3501 1/417535-45

1. Each hammer with accessories: 2x chisels, 2x hoses, 1x Nitrogen gas bottle, 1x toolbox with necessary tools, 1x seal kit, and 1x manual book.
2. Delivery time: Usually within 7-10days after order confirmation and payment.
3. Warranty period: 18 Months.
4. Payment terms: T/T payment 30% in advance and balance payment against the bill of lading.

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